Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Tide Turns

The google Inquisition is just revving up.Since their Support for Clinton turned out to be a spectacular failure, google has been revealing itself to be as much a cult as it is a corporation. Rest assured, once the internal purge is complete they will begin shutting down what dissenting voices they can on the outside.

It is time to start searching for alternatives. I do most of my web browsing through Brave already, and I recommend dropping twitter for Gab ai. By year's end I will drop g-mail and google+. They shall be abandoned to the same trash heap where I tossed my facebook account years ago.

Google, facebook, youtube, Go Daddy, Twitter and Kickstarter have all taken it upon themselves to censor traditionalist and right wing views. Far from feeling frustrated or suppressed about it all, I find myself rather excited by all their Big Brother bumbling about. It tells me they're scared. They're running, retreating.

They are failing.

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