Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Trump Doctrine

As all eyes are on the battles to drain the festering swamp that is DC and paper train the Main Stream Media, the Trump Doctrine unfolds quietly and unperturbed, slowly building momentum until it can deliver its devastating effect.  The Conservative Tree House has the most penetrating analysis of President Trump's big picture approach to geopolitics.

Do yourself a favor and give it a read.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The New Idolatry

Mistaking the menu for the meal seems to be a perennial problem for some people and they occasionally gather enough mass and momentum to become not just a nuisance, but a A Genocidal Threat. They are either incapable of considering or, as  it appears more likely to me, they are obstinately unwilling to consider the very real difference between  the veneration of an icon and Idolatry.

It is clear that something along these lines is fueling the crusade against Confederate and other monuments. In denouncing these monuments as racist these modern day iconoclasts are investing in the statues a quality or property they do not contain in and of themselves, an act and posture akin to that of worship. This is not unlike the pagan or the primitive who see in their graven images the god itself. Thus these protesters can rightly be considered idolaters even as they are iconoclasts.

In their dark and dank little minds taking down a statue of Stonewall Jackson is, magically (or would that be miraculously?) a victory against slavery. How the act of taking down a chunk of sculpted marble helps abolish slavery or ameliorates its legacy is conveniently unexplained. What is certain is that none of these politically correct PR stunts will do anything to solve the very real problem of Modern Day Slavery which is more Prevalent and Profitable Than Ever!

The truth is that this latest batch of statue smashers does not care about slavery anymore than Black Lives Matter cares about black lives or the self-proclaimed male feminist Joss Whedon cares about women. It's all a front, smoke and mirrors, bait and switch machinations to take down President Trump, these United States, Western Civilization and ultimately, the little that's left of Christendom.



The Iconoclasts of the eighth and ninth century did not succeed and neither will their present day counterparts either secular and Muslim.

No? Well, maybe THIS will help.

On the bright side...

Until the madness passes there could very well be a profitable niche to exploit for anyone willing to take a lesson from the Russians. They have found many an interesting way to reduce the remains of the former Soviet Union From Propaganda to Kitsch.

Bobble-heads of Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee, anyone?

And meanwhile in Chicago, inner city blacks are proving that they are not the fools Democrats take them for.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Tide Turns

The google Inquisition is just revving up.Since their Support for Clinton turned out to be a spectacular failure, google has been revealing itself to be as much a cult as it is a corporation. Rest assured, once the internal purge is complete they will begin shutting down what dissenting voices they can on the outside.

It is time to start searching for alternatives. I do most of my web browsing through Brave already, and I recommend dropping twitter for Gab ai. By year's end I will drop g-mail and google+. They shall be abandoned to the same trash heap where I tossed my facebook account years ago.

Google, facebook, youtube, Go Daddy, Twitter and Kickstarter have all taken it upon themselves to censor traditionalist and right wing views. Far from feeling frustrated or suppressed about it all, I find myself rather excited by all their Big Brother bumbling about. It tells me they're scared. They're running, retreating.

They are failing.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Post Card from Post-Christianity

Welcome Muslims! We'll Bend Over Backwards To Make You  Feel At Home 


 I Identified As A Virtue Signaler Until I Was Blown Up By A Muslim In Manchester
I Now Identify As Dead

So Just Suck It Up, Suckers!