Friday, May 19, 2017

Murder, Mayhem and the Mainstream Media

The latest hysterics in DC lead me to believe something BIG is about to break. The reaction to Comey's firing is just way too extreme. The incompetent boob just doesn't deserve any of the wailing and gnashing of teeth offered up on his behalf by a press that not long ago, was calling for his head.

Impeachment? Really? I don't think so. I could list the ways that these calls for President Trump's impeachment are not only inappropriate, and laughably so, but John C Wright has already done so much better than I could have managed the affair.

And then there is this inconvenient video...

So what is the BIG SHOE about to drop? I don't know of course, but my tingling Spidey Senses tell me all the squawking is a desperate attempt to divert our attention away from the curious murder of Seth Rich.

While the investigation has been presently stymied, one must remember that President Trump has only just begun to drain the swamp. In time the monsters that lurk there will all be exposed.

And Curiouser...

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