Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Manchester United In Denial

There is absolutely no need whatsoever for all the head-scratching, navel-gazing or brow-furrowing search for the motivation that made the Manchester Massacre possible. Our enemy has never been shy or less than forthcoming about Why They Hate Us

The only mysteries here are, why we don't take them at their word and why we don't hit them back ten times as hard?

We won't strike back, of course. We're too multi-culti for that.

Instead, candles will be lit amid wreaths of flowers. Tears will be shed. Hands shaped into hearts might even be raised into the night. Platitudes will certainly be peddled aplenty and hash-tagged ad nauseum. Throughout it all political correctness will be strictly enforced by our enlightened czars of tolerance. 
We will be advised, once again, to carry on as usual. 

The problem is that our New Usual is shaping up to be an attack every Nine Days.

Now sadly, there seems to be no limit to what human beings can get used to. Fortunately on the flip side, there is no limit to what a people can accomplish when they bind their wills to GOD's Will.

Saint Joan of Arc, Pray for us!

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