Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I'm with Milo!

The Operation to Destroy Milo will fail. It will be as big a flop for the left as their feminist reboot of Ghostbusters. How do I know this? It's simple. Milo Yiannopoulos is not only smarter than any of his enemies, he is smarter than all of his enemies combined. Additionally, his enemies, consisting mostly of the media, are held in more contempt by more Americans than ever in the nation's history.

The news conference at 3 P.M. should be a fabulous hoot!

Give 'em Hell, Milo!


Milo Resigns From Breitbart News, a decision he says (and we have no reason to doubt him) was his own. While some of his enemies may crow 'victory' over Milo's decision, it will be a short-lived celebration. Milo Yiannapolous is not going away, as much as his enemies would love him to. No, instead he will be starting an independently-funded media venture as well as a new live tour. 

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